Should You Take Your Rings Abroad On Honeymoon?

It goes without saying that after the wedding day the new bride would want to take her engagement and wedding rings away on the honeymoon. However, would it be a prudent decision?

Reasons not to take your rings

It stands to reason that you will want to take your rings with you, but engagement rings and wedding rings are the ultimate symbols of your love for each other so do you want to risk them being lost, damaged or stolen whilst abroad. There are some good reasons why a new bride should leave her rings at home:

• If wedding rings haven’t been sized properly then they could fall off by accident.
• An antique or precious heirloom is better left safe at home rather than risking loss or damage.
• Exceptionally high value engagement rings and wedding rings can easily be targeted by thieves.
• If you are planning an activity holiday with lots of water sports such as diving or snorkeling it could be dangerous for the rings.

How to protect your rings when abroad

If you do decide to take the rings here are some tips for making sure they stay safe:

• Make sure you take full documentation to prove your ownership of the rings.
• Take receipts and certification of authenticity.
• If you have insurance documents take them also.
• Avoid areas which are known to have high crime rates.

At Marlows we have an extensive range of engagement and wedding rings. You will definitely want to take care of them.

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